Financial Statements and Annual Reports

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report:

In fiscal year 2013, MDTA began publishing its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). Although the annual financial statements provided all required financial information in accordance with Government Accounting Standards, the CAFR provides additional information about MDTA. Commencing in 2017, the MDTA no longer published separate Financial Statements.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports:

Financial Statements:

The MDTA's financial statements are subjected to an annual audit by independent external auditors. The financial statements are prepared in accordance with Government Accounting Standards and include basic financial statements, financial statement footnotes, required supplemental information (management discussion & analysis), and additional supplemental information (facility specific financial information, investments, capital investments).

MDTA Financial Statements and Supplemental Exhibits:

1971 - 2015 Archive:

State Roads Commission of Maryland Financial Statements and Supplemental Exhibits

1940 - 1970 Archive:

Annual Reports:

The MDTA issues an Annual Report at the beginning of each calendar year for the preceding year. The Annual Report provides stakeholders with an overview of who we are and what we do to Create EZ Passage Throughout Maryland. The Annual Report provides financial information for the past fiscal year, as well as highlights current and recent projects and initiatives.

Legislative Audits

The Office of Legislative Audits (OLA) is a division of the Department of Legislative Services. In accordance with state law the MDTA is audited by OLA at least once every three years.

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