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MDTA at 50 - 50 years - 1971 to 2021

MDTA at 50 - 1971 to 2021

MDTA 50 Years 1971 to 2021The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) was established in 1971 by the Maryland General Assembly to finance, construct, operate, preserve and improve the State’s toll facilities and finance new revenue-producing transportation projects. 

The MDTA is financed by toll revenue without relying on State tax dollars. Eight toll facilities – two turnpikes, two tunnels, and four bridges – connect Marylanders to life’s opportunities. 

For 50 years, the MDTA has provided Maryland’s citizens and visitors with safe, secure, reliable and convenient transportation facilities. We are committed to preserving our vital infrastructure and to maintaining quality and excellence in our customer service. We rely on our organization’s values, traditions, and most importantly our employees, to achieve these goals. Celebrate with us and take a trip through our history!

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MDTA 50th Anniversary

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Governor Larry Hogan's Proclamation


Governors Proclamation - MDTA 50th Anniversary CelebrationWHEREAS, The Maryland Transportation Authority - known as the MDTA - came into existence in 1971 by act of the Maryland Legislature, effective July 1, 1971. Chapter 526 of the Laws of Maryland of 1970 created the MDTA to finance, construct, operate, and improve the State's toll facilities, as well as to finance new revenue-producing transportation projects; and

WHEREAS, The MDTA remains a self-sufficient non-budgeted State agency that receives no money from the State's General Fund or the Transportation Trust Fund. The MDTA is exclusively financed by toll revenues and is governed by a Board with the Secretary of Transportation serving as its Chair; and

WHEREAS, For 50 years, the MDTA 's toll facilities have provided Maryland 's citizens and visitors safe, secure, reliable, and convenient transportation facilities - including roads, bridges, and tunnels. In August of 2020 the MDTA implemented permanent statewide all electronic tolling, and on April 29 of this year, the MDTA successfully launched DriveEzMD. - its new and improved customer service platform that is designed to "Keep Maryland Moving" and make it easier than ever to travel the state's toll facilities; and

WHEREAS, The MDTA 's highly accredited police force is the seventh largest police department in the state of Maryland. The MDTA Police keep our citizens and visitors safe as they use MDTA 's bridges, tunnels, and highways - as well as at the Port of Baltimore and BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport; and

WHEREAS, As we celebrate the MDTA 's 50th Anniversary - and look forward to the next 50 years - the people of Maryland can rest assured that the MDTA 's leadership team and its dedicated employees will continue to utilize the best practices in safety and technology, to advance the State's transportation missions.

WHEREAS, For 50 years, the MDTA has been a valuable part of Maryland's transportation network defining ways to move the state forward in the future and playing a critical role in the safety, accessibility, mobility, economic vitality, and quality of life for all Marylanders.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, LAWRENCE J. HOGAN, JR., GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND, do hereby congratulate the MARYLAND TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY on 50 Years of outstanding service to the State of Maryland.

Follow link to review the Governor's Proclamation PDF.

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