Governing Body

MDTA LogoThe MDTA Board is a group of citizens appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Maryland Senate. Of the appointed Members, one shall have expertise in structural engineering, one in transportation planning, one in land use planning, and one in finance. Appointed Members shall reflect the racial, gender, and geographic diversity of the population of the State. As a result of a modification to the MDTA's enabling legislation as of January 1, 2007 appointments are for staggered terms of four years and may not extend beyond three consecutive terms.

Our current membership represents the geographic regions in which our toll facilities are located-the upper and middle Eastern Shore, Southern Maryland, the Baltimore-metropolitan region and the Washington-metropolitan region. This group serves as our policy-setting, decision-making and governing body. Maryland's Secretary of Transportation serves as the MDTA's Chairman.

The MDTA Chairman and Members meet monthly to discuss and approve policy and operations activity. Additionally, two Committee meetings are held monthly: the Capital Committee and Finance Committee link to meeting calendar. Four Members are assigned to each Committee. These meetings are held in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. Minutes from the meetings can be found in the meeting minutes archive.

Governing Body:


Chairman Pete K Rahn

Chairman Pete K. Rahn


Peter J. Basso Member Peter J. Basso
William K. Hellmann

Member Dontae Carroll

Member William H. Cox, Jr.
Member William C. Ensor III Member William C. Ensor III
Member W. Lee Gaines Jr. Member W. Lee Gaines, Jr.
Mario J. Gangemi, P.E. - Place Holder Member Mario J. Gangemi, P.E.
Member John F. von Paris
Member Katherine Bays Armstrong Member Jeffrey S. Rosen

Acting Executive Director:

Executive Director James F. Ports, Jr.


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