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What is the anticipated schedule for completion of the Nice Bridge Improvement Project?

Project planning studies for the Nice Bridge Improvement Project have been completed by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA), which identified alternates, determined environmental and community impacts, and gathered public input on the project.

Key milestones in the Nice Bridge Improvement Project project planning studies schedule were:


  • Summer - Initiated Project Planning Studies
  • Fall - Developed Purpose and Need and Preliminary Alternates


  • Spring - Held Alternates Public Workshop(s)
  • Fall - Performed Detailed Analyses (environmental, noise, community, air, etc.)


  • Spring/Summer - Continued to perform Detailed Analyses (environmental, noise, community, air, etc.)
  • Fall - Conducted engineering to incorporate bicycle options. Submitted Draft Environmental Document to FHWA.


  • Spring/Fall - Circulated Draft Environmental Document for Public Review and Comment
  • Fall - Conducted Public Hearing(s)


  • Spring - Identified MDTA Preferred Alternate
  • Summer - Prepared Preferred Alternate and Conceptual Mitigation Package
  • Fall - Assembled Draft Final Environmental Document


  • Winter 2010 - Fall 2011 - Circulated Final Environmental Document


  • Fall - Obtained Approval of Final Environmental Document*
  • Fall - Completed Project Planning Studies

*This project is now a candidate for MDTA capital improvement project funds. Funding is not currently available for future phases, including final design and construction.


  • Spring - Partial Preliminary Engineering phase began.
  • Summer - Preliminary Engineering and Right-of-Way underway.

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