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All-Electronic (Cashless) Tolling / AET

John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway (I-95) All Electronic (Cashless) Tolling

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) began highway-speed all-electronic tolling (AET) construction work in May 2021 at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway (Northbound I-95) toll plaza. The project will implement highway-speed AET at the JFK toll plaza on an interim basis until permanent AET conversion can be studied, designed, and constructed. With cashless toll collection, there’s no slowing or stopping to pay tolls. Instead, motorists pay tolls at highway speed via E-ZPass, Pay-By-Plate or Video Tolling. Benefits include increased safety, less engine idling and better fuel efficiency.

The JFK project will convert the middle lanes of the toll plaza into highway-speed lanes by removing toll islands and booths and will be completed in 3 phases.

JFK (Northbound I-95) All Electronic (Cashless) Tolling – Construction

Phase 1

  • Removal of toll booth, island and canopy in toll plaza lanes 6-8.
  • Construction of tolling gantry and ITS/Electrical equipment installation.
  • Installation and testing of tolling equipment.

Phases 2-3

  • Traffic begins travel at highway speeds through former toll plaza lanes 6-8.
  • Removal of toll booth, island, and canopy in lanes 9-12.
  • Weigh station ramp construction.
  • Right side and left side traffic barrier installation.
  • Milling and final pavement overlay.


Recent Project Updates

JFK (Northbound I-95) Toll Plaza Driver’s Alert: Three highway-speed middle lanes through former toll plaza now open.

  • Stay alert and keep moving through open lanes at highway speed.
  • Tolls are now collected via new overhead electronic toll gantry located prior to the toll plaza structure.
  • Always properly mount your E-ZPass transponder and keep your account p to date to receive the lowest toll rate.
  • All-electronic tolling is permanent statewide
  • Toll lane 12 will be closed on non-holiday weekends from Saturday 12am to Monday 5am.

JFK (Northbound I-95) Toll Plaza Driver's Alert.  Image text posted above image.

    JFK AET Gantry Installation:

    JFK AET Gantry Along Northbound I-95*

    JFK AET Gantry Along Northbound I-95

    *New overhead electronic toll gantry is located prior to the former toll plaza structure.

    JFK Interim Northbound I-95 Configuration at Former Toll Plaza Site*

    Before and after view of 1-95 Northbound at JFK.


    *Commercial Vehicle Operators should continue to use the weigh station entrance.

    JFK Interim Northbound I-95 Configuration at Former Toll Plaza Site

    1-95 Northbound at JFK