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All-Electronic (Cashless) Tolling / AET

Fort McHenry Tunnel I-95 All Electronic (Cashless) Tolling

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) began all-electronic tolling (AET) construction work in Fall 2021 at the Fort McHenry Tunnel (I-95) toll plaza. The project will implement permanent highway-speed AET at the Fort McHenry Tunnel toll plaza. With cashless toll collection, there’s no slowing or stopping to pay tolls. Instead, motorists pay tolls at highway speed via E-ZPass, Pay-By-Plate or Video Tolling. Benefits include increased safety, less engine idling and better fuel efficiency.

The FMT project will convert the toll plaza area into highway-speed lanes by removing toll booths and canopy and will be completed in stages.

FMT I-95 All Electronic (Cashless) Tolling – Construction

Winter 2021 – Summer 2022

  • Toll lanes 6-8 Northbound are closed.
  • Toll lanes 16-19 Southbound are closed.
  • Removal of toll booths, islands and canopy in toll plaza lanes 6-8 Northbound and 16-19 Southbound.
  • Construction of tolling gantry and ITS/Electrical equipment installation.
  • Installation and testing of tolling equipment.

Summer 2022 – Spring 2023

  • Activation of overhead tolling gantry, and highway-speed cashless tolling begins through former toll plaza lanes 6-8 Northbound and 16-19 Southbound.
  • Removal of toll booths, islands, and canopy in lanes 1-5 and 9-11 Northbound, and lanes 14-15 and 20-24 Southbound.
  • Milling and final pavement overlay.

Recent Project Updates

I-95 Fort McHenry Tunnel Driver’s Update: Winter 2021 – Summer 2022

  • Middle lanes of toll plaza remain closed to remove toll booths and canopy for highway-speed all electronic tolling (AET).
  • Shoulders are closed approaching the plaza.
  • Stay alert, obey posted speeds, and keep moving through the open lanes.
  • Commercial vehicles should keep right.
  • Traffic delays are possible approaching the plaza.
  • Motorists using Exit 56 (Keith Ave.) should stay right and use the northbound right tube (Bore 4).
  • Motorists using Exit 55 (Key Hwy.) should stay right and use the southbound right tube (Bore 1).
  • AET (cashless tolling) is statewide. Properly mount your E-ZPass and keep payment/vehicle details updated to receive the lowest toll rate.

FMT AET Toll Plaza Demolition

Fort McHenry Tunnel I-95 AET Configuration at Former Toll Plaza Site

Rendering of FMT plaza.

Fort McHenry Tunnel AET Gantry Along I-95 Northbound and Southbound

Fort McHenry Tunnel AET Gantry Along I-95 Northbound and Southbound

Gantries rendering