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Drive sober or get pulled over - Follow link to learn more.
MDTA Police
Driver sober or get pulled over - Follow link to learn more.
MDTA Police

MDTA Police Policies & FOP MOU

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Police is committed to transparency and open communication with the customers and public we proudly serve. In that effort, the MDTA Police publishes our policies, known as Directives, for public view. These directives guide the administrative and operational work for the members of the agency. While every situation is unique, these directives help guide the actions of our highly-trained employees as they perform their duties.

Directives are regularly updated, revised, and sometimes rescinded to better serve the citizens and the MDTA Police. Pursuant to Maryland Code Annotated, Public Safety Article § 3-515(b), there are some directives that have been withheld because it has been determined by the Chief of the MDTA Police that the release of those directives could jeopardize operations or compromise officer or public safety.


Policies Document Download:

Memorandum of Understanding Between MDTA Police FOP Lodge #34 and the MDTA:

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