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Permits and Miss Utility Information

Utility Permits / Right of Entry Permits Information

For information regarding Right of Entry and Utility permits contact The Division of Planning and Development, Real Estate Services at 410-537-7895 or 410-537-7898 or you may contact the Office of Engineering Utility/Permit Coordinator at 410-537-7829.

Hauling Permits

Hauling Permits for the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) are processed by the Office of Traffic and Safety, State Highway Administration (SHA).

Haulers are required to notify the MDTA ( upon receiving the permit from State Highway Administration (SHA). Haulers must contact the Toll Plaza Facility one (1) hour prior to entering facility. See the link below for contact information.

Miss Utility information

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) became an owner stakeholder member of the One Call Miss Utility Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Law in October 2010. The Miss Utility Law requires that a person or company that intends to perform an excavation or demolition in the State of Maryland must contact Miss Utility to create an underground clearance locate ticket. For more information visit Miss Utility at

  • Instructions for sending a locate ticket to MDTA Maryland Transportation Authority
  • Utility owners have two full business days to respond to a Miss Utility ticket.
  • Tickets will be good for 12 full business days after the day on which the ticket is transmitted to the Utility owner.
  • An 18-inch "no mechanized equipment" zone is a statewide requirement for excavations or demolitions.
  • The Maryland Transportation Authority is authorized to collect a fee for tickets. At this time the Maryland Transportation Authority does not collect a fee.

For information regarding the MDTA Miss Utility program contact the Engineering Utility/Permit Coordinator at 410-537-7829.

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Toll Rate Calculator

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