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Travel Demand / Level of Service (LOS)

Traffic and congestion are growing.

If you drive on I-95, you probably have noticed that every year traffic and congestion get worse. Peak-hour traffic (6-10 a.m. and 3-7 p.m.) is highest in the southern part of the study area and progressively decreases the further north you travel. By 2020, average daily traffic (ADT) volumes are projected to increase by 82 percent, with peak-hour travel projected to increase by 58 percent.

Vehicles Per Day 2000 vs. 2020 Volumes

Travel Demand Chart.

One way to grade how well a road operates is to determine the amount of traffic and delays. This is called Level of Service (LOS). Current and projected LOS in the Section 200 area is:

2006 LOS

  • Weekday peak - C or better to E
  • Weekend peak - D or better

2020 LOS

  • Weekday morning peak - C or better to F
  • Weekday evening peak - D to F
  • Weekday peak - E to F

Objective: The study's objective in regard to traffic and travel demand is to improve the overall level of service (LOS) as stated in the Master Plan.

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