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Accident Types 2002-2004

Pie chart of accidents, the image is explained below.

Accidents increase when congestion increases. During a three-year period from 2002 to 2004, there were a total of 1,089 reported accidents along Section 200. Of these, there were 407 injury accidents and nine fatal accidents. The rate of accidents has increased almost every year, from 311 accidents in 2002 to 382 accidents in 2004, a 23 percent increase over three years, with an average increase of more than 23 accidents per year. The overall accident rate for the corridor, 50.4 accidents per 100 million vehicle miles traveled (MVMT), was significantly higher than average rate of 44.8 MVMT for similar State-maintained highways.

Objective: Improving safety and reducing the number and severity of accidents along this section of I-95 will be one of the study's main objectives. Currently, some spot safety improvements are underway or have been completed within the study area.

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