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I95 Express Toll Lanes Northbound Extension
I95 Express Toll Lanes Northbound Extension

I-95 ETL Northbound Extension - I-95 Northbound Auxiliary Lane from MD 152 to MD 24 and MD 24 Ramp Modifications

The auxiliary lane connects the MD 152 on-ramp with the MD 24 off-ramp for a distance of approximately 8,200 feet. This additional travel lane provides better traffic operations and a safer transition for vehicles entering and exiting from these interchange ramps. The off-ramp to MD 24 was modified and widened to improve traffic flow. In addition, the Winters Run Bridge, which was more than 50 years old, was widened slightly and the entire deck replaced. This prepares the bridge for future phases of construction. I-95 northbound was also resurfaced within the construction area. Construction began in June 2019 and was complete by the end of December 2021.

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