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Consolidated Transportation Program

Each year the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) releases its portion of the Maryland Department of Transportation's Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) report. The MDTA portion of the CTP presents its ongoing and new capital projects for a six-year period (the current year, the upcoming budget year and the four succeeding planning years) for its facilities. It also describes how the MDTA will fund these programs to achieve its goals. The Draft CTP report is presented to local elected officials and citizens in September through November throughout Maryland for review and comments. It is then revised and submitted as a Final CTP report as part of the Governor's budget to the Maryland General Assembly in January, for approval.

MDTA's Current Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2018-2023 (PDF Download)

The CTP is separated into three parts:

  1. Construction Program Major Projects,
  2. Development and Evaluation (D&E) Program Major Projects, and
  3. System Preservation Minor Projects.

Major Capital projects are listed individually; Minor projects (i.e., safety, rehabilitation) are grouped and shown by facility.

The Construction and System Preservation Minor Projects programs include those projects which are scheduled to begin construction within the six-year period. Only those projects that the MDTA can afford to complete, given the most recent revenue forecast, are included in the CTP. Project work phases included in the CTP are:

  1. Planning,
  2. Design & Engineering,
  3. Right-of-way Acquisition, and
  4. Construction.

The D&E Program contains those major projects, that are being prepared for possible future addition to the Construction Program. Projects are added to the Construction program as funds become available and as design is advanced significantly, based on the merits of the projects, and as workload allows. Work phases included in the D&E Program are Planning and Engineering and sometimes Right-of-way Acquisition.

The CTP process objectives:

  1. Identify revisions to the current Capital Program.
  2. Identify, select and prioritize new projects to be added to the Capital Program that meet the MDTA's goals and priorities. Projects selection criteria includes:
    • Convenience
      • Move people and goods conveniently.
      • Preserve and improve MDTA facilities.
    • Safety
      • Reduce the fatal and injury vehicle collision rate.
      • Reduce workplace accidents.
    • Security
      • Protect people and property from unlawful activity.
    • Economic Development
      • Finance and build new transportation facilities with the Maryland Department of Transportation to meet Maryland's transportation needs.
    • Service
      • Respond professionally to customers' needs for assistance and information.


CTP Pie Chart for FY-2018-2023

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