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TJH Bridge

Toll Rates for the Thomas J. Hatem
Memorial Bridge (US 40)

NOTE: At the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge, tolls are collected in the eastbound direction only.

E-ZPass Maryland Rates:

Axle Count Current Rate
Commuter 2.80*
2-axle $6.00
3-axle $11.20
4-axle $16.80

Scroll Down to see Multi-Axle E-Pass/Base and Video Toll Rates.

Non-Maryland E-ZPass Rates:

Axle Count Current Rate
2-axle $8.00
3-axle $11.20
4-axle $16.80

Video Rates:

Axle Count Current Rate
2-axle $12.00
3-axle $24.00
4-axle $36.00

Commuter Discount Plan Breakeven Point:

Facility Number of trips Per trip price Price # of trips to break-even
TJH 25 $2.80 $70 9**

* Commuter discount plans are available for customers with valid E-ZPass Maryland accounts driving two-axle vehicles. The Baltimore Regional Plan is $70 for 50 trips. Note: two "trips" are deducted at the Kennedy Highway and Hatem Bridge for the Baltimore Regional Plan. Plans end after 45 days or when all of the trips are used, whichever comes first.

** Based on cash/base toll; the break-even point based on the Maryland E-ZPass two-axle toll is 12 trips.

E-ZPass Hatem Bridge Plans:

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New E-ZPass Only Lanes at the Hatem Bridge
E-ZPass at the Hatem Bridge Toll Plaza.

Choice A:

  • Hatem Bridge ONLY Plan for customers who don't want to use E-ZPass at other Maryland toll facilities.

Choice B:

  • For new and current E-ZPass customers who want to add the Hatem Bridge Plan to their accounts, while having the benefit of using their E-ZPass at any facility that accepts E-ZPass.
  • If you regularly travel the Hatem Bridge, and tow a boat or trailer, we recommend having Choice B as your selected E-ZPass plan. It gives you all the benefits of Choice A, but with even more savings.

    Choice B automatically saves you 30% on 3 and 4-axle tolls at the Hatem Bridge. Plus your Choice B E-ZPass will save you 25% or more on two-axle tolls at all Maryland toll plazas (excludes Intercounty Connector and the I-95 Express Toll Lanes).

Both E-ZPass Hatem Bridge Plans are $20 per year for unlimited trips.

Choice A:

E-ZPass account valid at the
Hatem Bridge ONLY.

Choice B:

E-ZPass account valid anywhere
E-ZPass is accepted.

  • $20 per year for unlimited trips
  • For two-axle vehicles only
  • No fees or prepaid toll deposits
  • Not for use at other toll facilities or with other E-ZPass discount plans
  • No account statements
  • $20 per year for unlimited two-axle trips plus E-ZPass Maryland Standard Plan
  • NEW 30% discount for 3 and 4-axles
  • NOW save 25% or more on two-axle tolls at most other toll facilities**
  • Subject to transponder charge for new account and pre-paid toll deposit
  • Account statements provided
  • No $1.50 E-ZPass monthly account maintenance fee for Maryland addresses and for out-of-state addresses with three or more trips at Maryland toll facilities in the previous statement period

*Includes Private and/or Business Standard Plan requiring a pre-paid toll deposit


**Excludes Intercounty Connector (ICC)/MD 200 and the I-95 Express Toll Lanes (ETL)

Getting E-ZPass is easy.

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E-ZPass Customer Service Center Locations:

For more information about the E-ZPass Maryland system and Customer Service Centers

Multi-Axle and Commercial Vehicle Toll Rates:

E-ZPass/Base Rate:

Axle Count Current Rates
3-axle $16.00
4-axle $24.00
5-axle $48.00
6-axle+ $60.00

Video Rate:

Axle Count Current Rates
3-axle $24.00
4-axle $36.00
5-axle $63.00
6-axle+ $75.00

Unusual vehicle, regardless of axles:

Details on the Oversize and/or Overweight Permit Process Click here for more details.

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