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Thank you for your interest in working on the New Nice Bridge Project. The MDTA will deliver the project using the Design-Build method. Design-Build teams will have the opportunity to propose the type of bridge that is the best value to the state and appropriate for this crossing.  


Anticipated Procurement Schedule:

Fall 2018                                             RFQ Advertised
Winter 2018/2019                               Qualifications Due
Spring 2019                                        RFP Issued to Shortlisted Teams
Summer 2019                                     Proposals Due
Fall 2019                                             Notice to Proceed
Early 2020                                           Groundbreaking

NEWS Update: On October 20, 2018, MDTA advertised the Request for Qualifications, which began the procurement process for the project. The project is actively in the procurement process.


The procurement can be found on eMaryland Marketplace at the following link:


All MDTA procurements are publicly advertised on eMaryland Marketplace at


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Firm Opportunities:


Previous Events:


The MDTA held two pre-solicitation conferences in June 2018 that provided potential Design-Build teams the opportunity to learn about the project and to meet Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms to expand their subcontractor pool andreach the project goals. More than 140 people attended both events.


You may download the PDFs in the Presentation and Resources section below.


Presentations and Resources:


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Outreach and Compliance:

The MDTA encourages and supports Small, Disadvantaged and Minority Businesses, and is committed to providing DBE firms the opportunity to connect with potential Design-Build teams on this project. This project has a DBE goal, and applicable subconsultants, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors must be certified as a Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) DBE for their participation to count towards the established goal. Please click here to learn more about the MDOT DBE certification process:

Out-of-State Certified DBEs (not currently certified by MDOT) must submit to MDOT a copy of its application form and all supporting documentation submitted to Home State UCP. This includes any affidavits of no change and any notices of changes.  Additionally, any correspondence your firm has had with any certifying entity/state agency concerning your application or status should also be submitted.  For example, any correspondence, information and/or documentation related to denials, appeals, decertifications, or investigations should be disclosed. For additional information on this please see Federal Regulations codified at 49 CFR Part 26.85.  

Please check back frequently for information and postings about DBE Outreach Events and networking opportunities.

Design-Build Teams – click here for the MDOT Directory of Certified MBE, DBE, SBE and ACDBE firms

Click here to learn more about doing business with the MDTA

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